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All Purpose Marine Construction specializes in custom Piers, Decks, Boathouses, and Seawalls. Let us build the Dock or Pier of your dreams that you and your family will enjoy for decades to come.

Piers, Decks and Pilings

We provide custom pier and deck construction using composite board or wood. The addition of wood or rope handrails enhances the safety and aesthetics of your pier or dock. We set pilings for all types of jobs.


Boathouse Construction - All Purpose Marine Construction

Protect your investment with a quality boathouse that’s built to last. Choose from existing layouts, or let us create a custom design for you.

Seawalls and Rip Rap

Seawall Construction All Purpose Marine Construction

Improve your waterfront investment with a reliable seawall. We offer multiple options in wood or vinyl. Rip Rap (or rock) provides an additional barrier and creates a more natural-looking shoreline.

Marine Construction Contractor Gulf Shores, Alabama!

All Purpose Marine Construction is a leading marine contractor based in Gulf Shores, Alabama and serves all of the Gulf Coast. We provide quality marine construction throughout the inland waters of Southern Alabama. All Purpose Marine Construction is a full-service marine contractor with over 20 years experience in building all types of structures.
Marine Construction Services:

  • Piers, Decks and Pilings
  • Seawalls & Rip Rap
  • Boat & Jet Ski Lift
  • Marine Construction Repairs
  • Marine Construction Permitting
  • Boathouse Construction

Marine Construction Gulf Shores AL

All Purpose Marine Construction (APM Construction) is a leading marine contractor based in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We are proud to have over 20 years of marine construction experience, serving the people of the Gulf Coast. We stand for quality in all the marine construction we provide throughout the inland waters of Southern Alabama. Our clients are our neighbors. We understand the importance of sound and solid work when building seas walls, piers, boathouses and more.

All Purpose Marine Construction is a full-service marine contractor with a team of the highest skilled employees on the coast. We offer marine construction repairs, and we will evaluate the project, to quote a correct and fair price. The first step of pier construction is planning. APM will thoroughly examine the location and provide advice on the best site and method of pier construction. We are familiar with the shoreline and the material makeup of the mud, dirt or sand so we can use the best product and method of pier construction to suit the location. Whether you are looking for a new deck, pier, boathouse or just wanting to update and replace old piling, we are the marine contractors for you. We are also skilled in pier construction for commercial needs, such as waterfront restaurants. We strive to set the stand of quality in all marine construction applications.

On the Alabama Gulf Coast, we experience numerous storms that can be dangerous and costly. Therefore we choose to go the “extra mile” in all marine construction projects. Reinforcement and correct construction ensure the structure, such as a seawall, jetty, deck or boat lift, will remain strong standing decades after completion.
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Marine Construction Services:

Piers, Decks, and Pilings:

Piers and decks generally made of treated wood set on pilings driven deep in the seafloor. To install piling in the water, first, the area must be temporarily “walled off” and water pumped out. From there, concrete bases and piling placement can be set up.

Seawalls & Rip Rap:

Riprap is big slabs of concrete removed from construction sites. They are used to make bulkheads, jetties or sea walls. They are essential for protecting the coastline to weaken and brake-up storm surge.

A Sea Wall is wall constructed to protect shorelines, and can also be used for property protection, to create a barrier between the land and water.


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